Q: Will my Automatic Pool Cleaner (APC) be affected negatively after fitting the Gator Auto-Skim?

A: If your pump and filter system is in good condition the APC will not be affected.


Q: Will my APC get stuck more often?

A: No, in fact the opposite is true. The Gator Auto-Skim has a stabilising effect on the APC and hoses.


Q: What happens if the Gator Auto-Skim sucks in air?

A: This is highly unlikely to occur due to the patented flood port system. The flood ports will open automatically to prevent the induction of air.


Q: Can I use the Gator Auto-Skim with any suction type APC?

A: We have tested it with all the suction type APC’s on the local market and have found it to be compatible with all.


Q: Can we swim with Gator Auto-Skim in the pool?

A: The Gator Auto-Skim is relatively small and lightweight, and is generally not a hindrance to swimmers. The Polyfoam floatation also acts as a safety cushion should a swimmer fall or jump onto it.


Q: Can my pump and filtration system be damaged by the use of the Gator Auto-Skim?

A: No. In fact correct use of the Gator Auto-skim will increase the life of your filtration system and APC.


Q: Will I have to clean out my weir basket more often?

A: Possibly. The Gator Auto-Skim is very efficient and will suck in debris missed by other skimmer systems.


Q: Will I have to backwash more often?

A: Probably. Gator Auto-Skim also removes all the finer debris such as oils, fats, dust, pollen and insects, and deposits them directly into the filter for removal by back-washing the system. Other wall mounted types with bag collectors spew the finer particles back into the pool water.


Q: You claim that a benefit of using the Gator Auto-Skim is improved water clarity. Please explain.

A: Because the Gator Auto-Skim is very efficient in removing the finer debris, there is much less debris in suspension. This has a major effect on improving water.


Q: Does the Gator Auto-Skim require much maintenance?

A: The Gator Auto-Skim has very few moving parts so besides checking for easy movement of these parts, the occasional cleaning may be required. Clean floats and body parts with liquid dishwashing soap on a sponge. Rinse off well before installing.


Q: How large a leaf can Gator Auto-Skim swallow?

A: It depends on the type of leaf. If the leaf is relatively soft, it will ingest quite large leaves.


Q: After carrying out the normal backwashing and basket cleaning procedure, I still only am able to obtain a reading of ‘d’ on my Flowmeter. What do I do now?

A: A reading of ‘d’ or lower is marginal and will not supply sufficient water to operate both the APC and the Gator Auto-Skim. An average pool requires a water flow of about 260 litres per minute (‘a’ and ‘b’ Flowmeter reading) for efficient water purification. We suggest that you consult your local pool dealer to rectify the problem in the pump/filter system. Carry out a manual backwash on your sand filter. Replace the sand in your filter.


Q: While the Gator Auto-Skim seems to effectively draw in debris from close by, it also appears to miss some debris as it goes by.

A: Remember that the Gator Auto-Skim returns time after time during a normal filtering cycle of 6 to 12 hours. There is virtually no debris that escapes this relentless hunt across the pool surface. Try leaving the Gator to do it’s work and come back a few hours later and you will notice the difference! Also check your weir basket and you will be amazed at the debris it has collected.


Q: Can I use the Gator Auto-Skim in conjunction with a wall mounted pool skimmer ?

A: Tests have shown that it is possible, provided that the APC and/ or Gator Autoskim don’t snag on the wall mounted skimmer.


Q: I found that removing the return fitting (aimflow) increased my Flowmeter reading from ‘b’to ‘a’. Is this possible?

A: Definitely. There are different sizes of aimflow fittings. Always ensure that you use the largest, i.e. 25.4mm, or just remove them completely.